We provide a broad range of services, products and plans to meet the diverse needs of our clients.
All our products are available to individuals, families, corporations, and small businesses.Mutual funds are offered through Manulife Securities Investment Services Inc. Insurance products and services are offered through Tolmie Financial Group.

Your financial needs and priorities are always changing throughout your life. Whether you’re just starting out and learning to invest, saving for your future, thinking about retirement, or already retired, it’s important to understand all the options available to you and actively plan ahead to reach your goals.

Tolmie Financial Group can provide you with a variety of comprehensive investment solutions that can help you enjoy today while preparing for tomorrow.

Insurance is a vital element of any solid financial plan. Different kinds of insurance help protect you and your loved ones in various ways against illness,disability, accidents and death. Allow Tolmie Financial Group to assist you in finding the best insurance solution for your individual situation.
Looking to improve your finances? Consider starting with a new way to bank.
Providing a post-secondary education to a child is one of the most important and vital things you can do. Not only does it provide better career opportunities and self-confidence, it benefits the overall economy drastically.
Properly managed retirement planning is essential to maintaining a customer’s great standard of living. To ensure you can enjoy your retirement to its fullest, Tolmie Financial Group can provide you with a custom tailored retirement income management strategy to ensure you enjoy your retirement comfortably.

Estate planning is essentially the management of your wealth after you have passed on. You may leave loved ones behind and providing an organized estate to them is a great service in what will no doubt be a trying time.

To ensure that your heirs can get the most out of what you’ve left aside for them, you will want to have an estate plan which provides for their continuing life long needs.

Tolmie Financial Group / Manulife Securities can properly evaluate all the different variables that affect the long-term performance of different asset classes. Portfolio analysis is important to long-term financial success because each asset class within a portfolio comes with a different type of short and long term risk.

We can measure an investor’s short and long term investment goals against various investment possibilities and return probabilities, Our advisors can determine the best portfolio solution suited to their unique situation.

Tolmie Financial Group also offers insurance products to small businesses and corporations such as life insurance, disability and critical illness. These are important features for partners owning a business and many employees affiliated with corporations.

Tolmie Financial Group offers investment plans and ideas for corporations. It is important to have the feeling of security that your business or corporation is safe guarding the assets and profits that the company has worked hard for.

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We strive for the following when dealing with mutual funds

  • Safety,protection and growth of capital
  • Generation and Provision of income
  • Each Investor can use a combination of funds to create a customized portfolio to reach his/her goals.

There are a number of great reasons for customers to invest their money in GICs.

They offer great security by being insured investments in what can be often troubled markets. Secondly, they guarantee regular dividends on your investment, ensuring that your financial status improves.

When combined together, it is easy to see why many customers chose GICs as ways of broadening their portfolio.

Disability Coverage from Tolmie Financial Group can be designed to suit the needs of all kinds of customers, from full-time to work-from-home customers, and everyone in between.

We will design a specific coverage plan to suit your needs, should an unfortunate disability type situation arise. Aside from a customer’s personal health, their financial situation may become threatened if they find themselves unable to return to work.

Disability coverage designed to suit your specific needs can properly ensure that there are no serious repercussions for your financial situation

Medical situations requiring long term care can be very costly and may present serious threats to a customer’s financial health. In order to cover costs such as home or facility care, we can design a long term care plan to cover all of a customer’s needs.

For business or personal protection reasons, we offer term life insurance with a number of customizable options which we personally tailor to suit your needs.

Critical illness can be damaging not only for a customer, but their business as well. We offer critical illness insurance to cover all medical costs associated with caring for a critical illness, including but not limited to medicine costs, specialist care, and accommodation for out of region care.

Group benefits are an important aspect of any modern business. We strive to help our customers by offering comprehensive and flexible plans which suit businesses of all sizes.

A segregated fund has the potential performance of a mutual fund with the security of an insurance product. The ability to 'grow' your investment capital is another advantage that segregated funds have.

When investing for income, annuities are an excellent choice.

Some benefits that annuities can offer include

  • Longevity risk protection and investment risk protection for the pension plan.
  • Income is guaranteed because there is no market exposure.
  • Offer a higher income rate than many other guaranteed income products, and tax advantages for non-registered funds.

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Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs) is a great option for growing your savings. Tax-Free Savings Accounts give Canadian residents aged 18 years and older another great place to build a nest egg – and keep all the growth for themselves!

You’ll be allotted new contribution room each year and any unused portions will be carried forward to future years.

No matter what stage of life you're in, whether it be starting your first job, family or in the mature stage of your peak earning years , RRSPs play an important role in your long term financial plan.

Let us help you find the solution that works best for you or your business.

RESPs offer all kinds of customers the ability to save and grow their money, with the benefits of extra security.
RDSP's are long-term savings plans to help Canadians with disabilities and their families save for the future. A RDSP savings plan should be considered if you suffer from long term disability and you are under the age of 60. You also have to be a resident of Canada with social insurance number and eligible for the disability tax credit. RDSP's are effective if you are looking for a long-term savings plan.

A LIRA is a Locked-In Retirement Account and is designed for accumulation of pension money outside a pension plan.

If you do not need income from your pension funds, then a LIRA allows you to manage your pension funds personally.

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