Life Planning

Let Us Make That Dream Vacation a Reality

Save for that dream vacation at any age.

Protecting Your Income

Help protect yourself from a loss of income due to unforeseen events and circumstances.

Disability Insurance

Disability coverage from Tolmie Financial Group can be designed to suit the needs of all kinds of customers, from full-time to work-from-home customers, and everyone in between.

Saving For An Education Is Easier Then You Think

We stress the value of a well rounded education and would like to help clients who share that similiar feeling achieve this goal.

Properly managed retirement planning is essential to maintaining a customer’s great standard of living. To ensure you can enjoy your retirement to its fullest, Tolmie Financial Group can provide you with a custom tailored retirement income management strategy to ensure you enjoy your retirement comfortably.

A Registered Pension Plan provides the opportunity for individuals to save for retirement and gives employers a key component of a competitive compensation package

Earnings in the plan will accumulate tax-free for the member until retirement.

Education is the pathway to individual success and accomplishment, and properly understanding the involved costs is essential to realizing the true value of education. To assist either yourself or provide guidance for your child’s education further down the line, Tolmie Financial Group can help you properly understand and save for all the costs involved in education.

Estate planning is essential to managing your wealth after you have passed on. You may leave loved ones behind and providing an organized estate to them is a great service in what will no doubt be a trying time.

To ensure that your heirs can get the most out of what you’ve left aside for them, you will want to have an Estate Plan which provides for their needs.

Income is your most important financial asset. An accident or Illness can directly effect your income in a drastic way. When this occurs, the expense of everyday living with costly medical treatments can quickly wither away at your savings.

Shielding your income is a big priority for us at Tolmie Financial Group offering customized solutions to protect against any unforeseen events and costs.

Opening an investment savings account allows for a great rate of interest while providing the added security of a deposited account. Tolmie Financial Group can help.

Medical situations requiring long term care can be very costly and may present serious threats to a customer's financial health. In order to cover costs such as home or facility care, we can design a long term care plan to cover all of a customer's needs.